Y'shua | יֵשׁוּעַ

... a light for the revelation of the Gentiles.

                                   And a glory to your people Israel.

                                Isaiah 49:6 CJB| Luke 2:32 AENT


SHIM'ON שִׁמְעוֹן SIMEON



"Turn Here - NOW!"

New Haven, Connecticut; Sometime in Winter, 2009


Driving in the dark of winter, on crowded urban major roads at ‘going home drive time’ is a stretch that as a salesman I have always avoided. Neither was I used to the utter blindness that cataracts cause in night driving. Nonetheless I ventured out. I had accepted a friend’s invitation to visit all the way across town. Not “counting the cost” I said yes. It was only when I started driving that I realized what I had set into motion; but ever the one not to give up, I persisted, even though welling up inside was ice cold pure fear. Using the old system of navigation--a paper map in a pitch black car, did not help things. But not to worry up ahead soon is the right turn onto a major road and the address is on that road.


This being my first time to drive this road; I was almost in panic when I saw what I was going to have to enter. It seemed that every worker was trying to leave New Haven at the same time! I was going to have to enter this mess!?  Foolishly I turned right and was met by headlights from oncoming cars that roared past at 45 miles per hour blinding me, so that my lane felt three feet wide. I wanted off of that avenue before I caused an accident but knew that I was close to my destination. I was on a roller coaster and could not stop but dare not go forward. I could not read the house numbers and there was no place to stop. Finally just before panic, I cried out: “YAH help me!” Within a few seconds I plainly heard





I did not think! I hit the right turn signal and brakes at the same time. At the first slight chance of something to turn into; I turned! Coming to a full stop in some sort of driveway, I just sat there catching my breath. After about five minutes I recovered and started trying to figure out where I was. Looking straight ahead I could just barely make out the number on the front of the building. I had to catch my breath as I realized the number was the EXACT number that I was looking for. I found a place to park and was glad to hear the silence when the engine was turned off. It was then that the built up emotions got the best of me. I just sat in that car on a cold dark winter evening, praising HIS NAME and giving thanks as tears of joy flowed. To cry out to YAH in anguish and fear---IS PRAYER. HE answers prayer! Amen!

16.And be joyful always.

17.And pray without ceasing.


Isaiah 46: (CJB)

1.Bel bows down, N’vo stoops low; their idols are borne by animals, beasts of burden. The loads you yourselves were carrying are now

burdening tired animals.

2. They stoop and bow down together; they cannot save the burden, but themselves go into captivity.

3.“Listen to me, house of Ya‘akov, all who remain of the house of Isra’el: I have borne you from birth, carried you since

the womb.

4.Till your old age I will be the same — I will carry you until your hair is white. I have made you, and I will bear you; yes, I will carry and save you.

5.To whom will you liken me and equate me? With whom will you compare me, as if we were similar?”


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Shim’on | שִׁמְעוֹן | Simeon


In all things..bad or good----Praise YAH!

Netzari Jewish, Walking "The Way" of Y’shua (יֵשׁוּעַ)

Isaiah 11; Acts 24:5,14-15; John 14:6

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