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"Turn Back!"


Steve Lightle “hearing The-VOICE- may one day save your life.”

     Steve makes the point that hearing The-VOICE- may one day save your life. To that I say ‘Amen”! The first time in 2011 while out on my 6 mile pray/walk and unknowingly walking into a violent storm, I heard three times: “Turn Back! Turn back NOW! Turn Back! Turn back NOW! Turn Back! Turn back NOW!” In the testimony below, because I had become accustomed to hearing and obeying The-VOICE- all I heard was “Turn Back!”. By 2014 I had learned to discern The-VOICE- and more importantly learned to instantly obey, without questioning or understanding.  Praise YAH!


      Wednesday afternoon May 14, 2014, 5:30 I set out late in the day for my six mile walk-&-pray. I headed west on Main street turning south onto Euclaire Ave. I had only walked south half a block when I heard The-VOICE- say:


     There was a complete insistence in the tone, and I knew that this was one of those times to act with haste and did so. I instantly turned north and made the decision to shelter at the Cup-O-Joe coffee shop. When I got back to Main street I turned to walk west to the crosswalk and was directly next to The Bexley Library when the most horrible alarm sound could be heard coming from everywhere. Then I realized it was an alarm on my iPhone. Horrible Sound! Really gets one’s attention! Not only that, five other person’s iPhones were also blaring the same alarm. But what alarm? Than a voice very loudly stated: “Tornado Warning. A tornado has touched down in your area. Seek shelter NOW!” I went into Cup-O-Joe and told the manager what had happened. I told her all about hearing The-VOICE- and then hearing the alarm. She did not bat an eye. She looked me in the eye and said: “It’s great when GOD talks to us! I better go unlock the cellar.” She immediately went and unlocked the stairs to the basement. The young man listening to our conversation had huge eyes of shock trying to fathom what we were talking about. I said a little prayer that The Ruach would lead him to study and pray so as to understand The-VOICE-. My prayer is that ALL Believers have such a hunger!


     We, thankfully never saw the tornado, but there was a most horrible downpour. I sat in the shelter of the coffee shop sipping my coffee thanking YAH that once again I was safe and dry. There have been many such incidents where I have been spared from torrential and dangerous storms. I believe that I and all those who choose to listen are being trained for a time, soon, in which our lives will truly stand in the balance and hearing The-VOICE- will allow us to make a literal life or death decision in service to YAH!


Praise YAH!


The actual copy from my iPhone


Tornado Warning Issued for Franklin County Expired at 6:45 pm May 14, 2014

Posted by Nichole Johnson | Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The tornado warning issued for Franklin County on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, expired at 6:45 pm. A tornado watch remains in effect for Franklin County until 9 pm.


A tornado watch means no funnel clouds have been sighted, but conditions are right for a tornado. A tornado warning means a funnel cloud has actually been sighted. The approximate location and direction of travel is usually given when the warning is broadcast.


Please familiarize yourself with Capital University's Severe Weather Operations Policy and emergency protocols, which can be found at www.capital.edu/weather and www.capital.edu/emergency.


If you have not done so already, please make sure you have signed up for Capital's emergency notification system, CapAlert, and that your contact information in the system is current.

- See more at: http://www.capital.edu/capitalnews.aspx?id=33642#sthash.NnR06o5p.dpuf


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