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... a light for the revelation of the Gentiles.

                                   And a glory to your people Israel.

                                Isaiah 49:6 CJB| Luke 2:32 AENT


SHIM'ON שִׁמְעוֹן SIMEON



"Focus on healing, not hurt. Focus on MY Word, not his words."

     Do you know someone who easily takes offense? Do you find yourself shaping your conversations to avoid minefields, lest this person take offense? I know such a person. Me! Since becoming a born again, Ruach filled, Ruach led Believer, I have been praying and working so much by my own power, to not “take offense”! What is the root of this scourge? Roots are buried and hidden. For eight years now, deep prayer and seeking the Ruach have been the answer in my life.


     Recently I “took offense” and Praise YAH I have learned to not react, yet still there is a burning sense of emotional hurt. As I worked, I prayed asking YAH to show me the root. All of a sudden I was transported back to Blythe, Georgia and fifth grade. I just stood there in awe reliving scenes from so long ago! I realized that YAH was about to show me and lead me to healing, as HE has done twice before. In 2008 YAH showed me the root of my army terror flashbacks at night. In 2011 YAH showed me my fear of becoming a refugee, rooted as a child in Germany 1953. In both of these cases by deep prayer and trusting YAH I was shown the root of the problem. Once seen they were removed as chaff blowing in the wind, never to return. Praise YAH!


Back to Blythe, Georgia

Tobacco Road Is A State of Mind!

Dateline: 1955-1962, Blythe, Georgia

     From 1955 to 1962 I my school bus traveled “The” Tobacco Road of Caldwell’s novel heading for Blythe Elementary School, Blythe, Georgia. (Just outside Augusta, Georgia) During that 45 minute run we would pick up children of share croppers and yes their houses looked exactly as you see in the picture to the left. The boys wore bib-overalls and the girls one of the two dresses they owned. The physical abuse and beatings we all experienced in that school pale when compared to the heaping of ridicule and sarcasm by teachers. Those poor girls were brought to the front of the class and their dress was ridiculed. That’s all they had. One to wear and one in the wash. My heart burned watching the hurt on their faces. My ridicule was minor. Apparently I still pronounced my w’s as I remember from Germany, as a v. I was made to stand up front and pronounce my w over and over and over while burning with the embarrassment of ridicule.

     They were the children of poor share croppers while I and others were the children of soldiers known as “Army Trash”. Never to our face, but I heard the term used. Never was I so happy as when we moved to Atlanta in 1962.


     For two hours in deep prayer with music, all the above memories and far more that I have not written marched through my mind and heart. In tears I gave them all to YAH, my healer. The root had now been laid bare! As before in prayer YAH shows the buried past to me, and I pray that this too will be chaff in the wind, never to return.


     The next day as I went on my daily 2 hour, 6 mile prayer/walk, my “shalom that passes all understanding” still had not returned. I poured my soul out to YAH as I walked and then as I turned a corner, I heard very plainly –The-VOICE- “Focus on healing, not hurt! Focus on MY Word, not his words!”


38. Anyone who believes in me as the Scriptures have said, rivers of living water will flow from his belly.”


I pray for you, that this season is a time of forgiveness, healing and the flowing of the living waters of our Mashiyach Y’shua!


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Shim’on | שִׁמְעוֹן | Simeon


In all things..bad or good----Praise YAH!

Netzari Jewish, Walking "The Way" of Y’shua (יֵשׁוּעַ)

Isaiah 11; Acts 24:5,14-15; John 14:6

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