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... a light for the revelation of the Gentiles.

                                   And a glory to your people Israel.

                                Isaiah 49:6 CJB| Luke 2:32 AENT


SHIM'ON שִׁמְעוֹן SIMEON



Event 2, Hat and Sunglasses

01 Tammuz 5771 07/03/2011


I walk 6 miles a day for exercise and prayer. Sometimes on Friday during the walk I also buy food at the grocer for Erev Shabbat dinner. Arriving at the grocer about 5 pm and pushing a shopping cart, I absentmindedly placed my hat and sunglasses in the child seat part of the cart and prepared to park next to the men's room. I heard a loud stern voice: "DON'T DO THIS!" I audibly responded: "I'm only going to be a minute." and proceeded to leave the cart in a narrow passage as I went into the men's room for less than 2 minutes. When I came back the cart with my hat and sunglasses was gone! Two minutes! I disobeyed the voice of the Ruach HaKodesh and was now minus two good items! I looked all around and could not find the cart. I did though find the manager, report the loss, and leave my card.


The entire walk home I felt like a small child that had lost his favorite toy. What sadness! I said to myself, this is the time to praise YAH! You always write: In all things...bad or good....Praise YAH! Now is the time to ‘practice what you preach’. For the entire walk I worked to find great, positive things that YAH had done and was then doing in my life. I just kept thinking and praising HIS Set Apart NAME! I also prayed that whoever took the hat and sunglasses would somehow care for them and enjoy them. That somehow YAH would actually bless the person that took them!


Shabbat morning I noticed a message on my phone. The manager of the grocer called that say that they have found the hat and sunglasses. I drove over at 8 am in awe at YAH, thanking HIM for their return.


So how do I interpret all this?

Early in our walk with Y’shua through the power of the Ruach haKodesh, we are trained through small seemingly inconsequential situations to:

1. Hear and most importantly, properly discern the Ruach.

2. To be immediately obedient (Don't question! ACT--NOW!)

3. Sometimes learning from the failure may be more instructive than success!

23. Rather, what I did order them was this: ‘Pay attention to what I say. Then I will be your Elohim, and you will be my people. In everything, live according to the way that I order you, so that things will go well for you.’


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Shim’on | שִׁמְעוֹן | Simeon


In all things..bad or good----Praise YAH!

Netzari Jewish, Walking "The Way" of Y’shua (יֵשׁוּעַ)

Isaiah 11; Acts 24:5,14-15; John 14:6

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